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After you had chosen a boat for your cruise, it comes to the payment. Like all the other charter agencies, we also do not accept the credit cards, therefore, only the bank wire transfers to the company’s account are accepted.

There are the costs which are obligatory and the costs which may apply, but only after your special demands.
Most of the boats include the same in the boat price, but there are exceptions.


Accommodation on board, 4 hours cruising per day, crew members, bed sheets and hand/shower towels, 4-6 hours of air conditioning per day, use of all facilities on board, boat insurance, VAT.


some gulets include in the price: sun towels, port fees, Captain’s dinner, water sports, one way charter


Food, beverages, additional meals, National park entrances, special ports of embarkation and disembarkation out of the base port, one way charter fee, more than 4 hours of navigation per day (each extra hour is charged), marina fees, fuel for water sports which use tender (like water ski), sun towels.


Boat price, food, drinks and port fees (please note that some boats have already included port fees in the boat price).

POTENTIAL COSTS (not obligatory, only on your demand):

Water sports, jet ski, entrance tickets to National parks, one way charter (some boats do not charge this), embark/disembark out of the base port, additional meals, marinas, additional navigation (4 hours of navigation per day are included), additional air conditioning (boats usually include 4-5 hours of air condioning per day, all above that is extra cost due to the fuel spending for generators), extra use of tender (tender is used for transfer purposes, but if guests over use the tender for trips, it is extra cost, as well as use of tender for water sports),

PAYMENT CONDITIONS are as follows:

  • 50% of the boat price is to be paid upon booking, as confirmation of reservation
  • 50% of the boat price is to be paid 4-5 weeks prior to the cruise

Food payment:

The food can be paid with second pamyent or directly on the boat (in cash).Our guests can choose between half board (breakfasts and lunch) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Half board is minimum obligatory. If the guests prefer having the dinner instead of lunch in half board option, it is possible.

Drinks/beverages payment:

Drinks and beverages are not included in food options, they are separate cost. Most of the boats offer two drinks/beverages options:
  • taking the drinks/beverages from the boat bar and paying according to consummation on the last day of cruising
  • taking one of the all inclusive packages which can be paid or with second payment of the boat or on the boat in cash

Please note, in case you take all inclusive option, that package includes Croatian alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and beverages such as wines, beers, liquors, juices, tea, coffe, milk and similar.
Regarding the wines in all inlcusive options, it includes quality Croatian wines from standard boat bar offer, specially ordered wines are extra fee; foreign drinks (like vodka, whiskey etc.) are extra cost, if consumed.

Port fees:

On some boats, port fees are already included in the price and on most of the boats it is extra cost. Ports have very different prices, depending on the location. Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korcula are the most expensive ports since they are also the most attractive.
The total cost of the ports per week is possible to calculate only when we set the precise itinerary, but even then there is possibility that the pric can change during the season. Also, if you prefer not to moor in the port each night, but use anchorages sometimes, this cost is lower.
However, the week price for the ports is usually up to 1000 eur.

If any additional payments occure during the cruise, they are to be settled directly on the boat to the captain (in cash).
When you are coming to Croatia, the currency for paying in bars, shops, restaurants is Croatian Kuna. Therefore, please exchange your currency.
In each port, there are exchange offices and ATM machines, so there is no need of bringing lot of cash.


All the conditions of your cruise will be specified before you make the booking. This way, we all avoid misunderstanding and unexpected situations.
You will be familiar with all conditions of the cruise, but some of the most important are listed here.

  • CHEK IN time: Saturday from 17:00
  • CHECK OUT time: Saturday till 09:00

NOTE: Please note that some boats have Sunday as check in/out time (like the boat Barbara), and some boats have earlier check in time (boats Barbara, Amorena, Vjeko).

All the guests are obliged to hold on to the captain’s rules regarding safety of the yacht and the well being of all passengers on board. If the weather conditions do not allow cruising, the boat will be anchored in safe place (port or bay) until the captain decides it is safe enough to continue the cruising.

The guests are obliged to hold on to the Croatian rules of protection of the environment as well as to the fishing, diving and using the Jet Ski rules (according to the Croatian law, the guest must have a valid licence for fishing, diving and using the Jet Ski and children under 18 must be supervised while using water sports).

Night cruise is not allowed, due to the safety.
It is not allowed to bring food, drinks and beverages on the boats.
Smoking is not permitted in the cabins and salons, only on the decks.
The crew list must be delivered prior to charter, with all necessary information which we must report to the Port authority (name, surname, birth date, passport number and nationality of each guest).
The preference list must be delivered prior to charter, so the crew could supply the boat properly.
Guests are not allowed to use the tender without a crew member.

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